Who should apply?

Any person or organization that wants to put up a building, transform an existing building, demolition an existing structure.


  • Submission of the application
  • Title Clearance form duly signed by appropriate authority (certification of ownership)
  • Building Permit application forms duly completed on behalf of the applicant
  • Four (4) sets of Architectural drawings including site and block plans scale of 1/20 or 1/40 showing the position of the building(s) and other work on site and duly signed by a Registered Architect or Building professional.
  • Four (sets) of Structural drawings of the building at an appropriate scale duly signed by a Structural Engineer if it is multi storey.
  • Business Operating Permit (for organizations).
  • Property Rate duly paid
  • Any other document as may be necessary

For Multi-user and Multi-level development:

  • Fire Report and appropriate fire engineering drawing duly vetted and approved by Ghana Fire Service (3 copies)
  • Geo-technical (Soil investigation) Report (3 copies)
  • Structural Integrity Report where the vertical extensions are proposed on existing building. (3 copies)
  • Traffic Impact Assessment Report (3 copies)
  • Hydrological Report and appropriate drawings (3 copies)
  • Structural calculation / Analysis Report (2 copies)
  • Environment Impact Assessment Report (3) (if required)
  • Any other document as may be necessary.

(Contact the Works Department and the Physical Planning Department offices of the Adaklu District Assembly, relevant agencies or consultants for advice and assistance)

Applicants Requiring Permission In Principle (AIP)

  • Three (3) sets of sketch drawings
  • Three (3) copies of brief outline of project covering the location, design, activities and operational characteristics.
  • Evidence of Neighborhood consultation and comments

Applications seeking change of use of an existing permit

  • Previous permit on existing building
  • Proposed amendments to drawings if relevant
  • Evidence of Neighborhood consultation and comments for the new use of premises

Validation of Development and Building Permit

  • Development and Building permits are valid for five years.
  • Applicants who are unable to complete developments within permit validity period are required to seek permit for Extension of Time.

Application for Extension to existing Building should comprise

  • Previous permit on existing building
  • Four (4) new copies of block and site plan to scale of 1/20 or 1/40 showing the position of the building(s) and other works on site.


Purchase of Forms

Buy building permit application form from the Works Departments and Physical Planning Department office.

Completion of Forms

Complete in full, both the Building Permit Application Form. (Where you have difficulty in completing the forms contact Works Departments & Physical Planning Department offices for advice and assistance)


Submit completed forms with all other attachments as specified in the Building Permit Application to the Physical Planning Department office.

(Contact officer in charge to be informed of corrections to be made or additions if any, the processing fee, date for inspection of site etc)

Site Inspection

Site inspection would be undertaken by a team from Physical Planning Department and Works Department.


Presentation at Technical Sub-Committee

  • Application is vetted by officers from various institutions
  • Comment compiled and forwarded to applicants if any
  • Comment compiled and forwarded to applicants if any
  • Recommendation to Spatial Planning Committee for decision.
  • Endorsing of permit and collection by applicant.
  • Finally the Works Department shall inspect the facility upon completion and grant a certificate of habitation.


Collection of Permit

  • Pay approved building permit fee to the Accounts Department on receipt of approval letter.
  • Collect building permit and seek further instructions for commencement of building project from Works Department.

Difference between the Development Permit and Building Permit

  • Development permit is issued by the Physical Planning Department for the developer to enter the land for the needed preparation.
  • Building Permit is issued by the Works Department for the developer to start construction.


  • It is important to note that the validity of a Building Permit issued in accordance with the above process is five (5) years after which a new permit must be sought.
  • Developers are therefore required to seek renewal of Building Permit if development is not completed within five (5) years

Why Business Opearting Permit ? 

Regularize the activities of business  operation within the District. The Adaklu District Assembly requires that anyone or organization intending to carry on a business or profession as a whole should first endeavour to apply for an Operating License to make legal the existence of the business within the District.

Which Unit/Department is responsible for the issuance of BOP?

Applications for this licence are done at the Revenue Unit of the Assembly.

How do I acquire my BOP license?

  1. Submission of an application or introductory letter to the District Chief Executive
  2. Submit relevant documents for processing.  The relevant documents include;
    • Registration/Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar General’s Departmemt.
    • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    • Name of Business
    • Name of Business owner
    • Business Location (GPS location)/ Address
    • Contact Details
  3. A premise check would be rendered by designated officers of the District Assembly.


A change of business name / closure of business shall be communicated to the District Assembly.

Please note that an operating licence is not transferable. Transfer of ownership shall be deemed as termination of licence agreement.

A new business shall require a separate licence of an old business. 


The BOP expires 31st December in the year of issue and is subject to renewal the following year

The renewal is done in accordance with satisfaction of the Assembly guidelines on permit renewals.